Cost of DNA Test in South Africa Currently

DNA testing has become an essential tool in various fields, from paternity disputes to ancestry tracing and even health diagnostics. In South Africa, the demand for DNA testing services has seen a significant increase over the years, with a diverse range of tests available to the public. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the cost of DNA testing in South Africa, discussing the different types of tests, their prices, and factors influencing these costs.

Types of DNA Tests and Their Costs

Paternity Tests

Paternity tests are among the most common DNA tests conducted in South Africa. These tests establish the biological relationship between a child and an alleged father. Companies like EasyDNA and Lister Clinic offer paternity tests at a cost of R1995 and R3400 for two people, respectively. These prices include the testing of the alleged father and one child, along with a home sampling kit.

Ancestry Tests

Ancestry tests help individuals trace their genealogical roots. Several laboratories in South Africa offer this service, including My DNA Origin and Easy DNA. The cost of these tests can range between R1,600 and R6,400, depending on the amount of information you’re looking to obtain.

Health DNA Tests

Health DNA tests provide insights into genetic predispositions to certain diseases. Companies like homeDNAdirect offer a range of clinical testing services to help optimize your health. The cost of these tests can vary significantly based on the complexity of the test and the information it provides.

Medical Aid Coverage

Medical aid schemes in South Africa may cover some of the costs of DNA testing. For example, Discovery Health Medical Scheme provides cover for in- and out-of-hospital tests and scans, including investigations, radiology, blood tests, MRI, and CT scans. However, it’s important to check with your specific medical aid provider to determine what is covered.

Factors Influencing the Cost of DNA Tests

Several factors influence the cost of DNA tests in South Africa. These include:

  • Type of Test: Different tests require different levels of analysis, which can influence the cost. For instance, a paternity test may be less expensive than a comprehensive health DNA test.
  • Number of People Tested: The cost can increase with the number of people being tested. For instance, a paternity test involving two people will be less expensive than one involving three or more people.
  • Laboratory Fees: Different laboratories may charge different fees for their services. These fees can depend on the complexity of the test, the turnaround time for results, and other factors.
  • Expedited Results: Some laboratories offer expedited results for an additional fee.

Additional Considerations for DNA Testing

When considering DNA testing, it’s important to be aware of potential additional costs. For instance, the DNA test prices mentioned do not include the cost for couriers or for the feedback. Moreover, testing using overseas companies can be expensive, and there are logistical hurdles to shipping sample collection kits into and out of South Africa. Therefore, it’s advisable to check with medical aid providers to understand coverage for DNA testing. For example, Fedhealth DNA tests will help mitigate future health conditions by revealing potential medication, diet, and lifestyle risk factors.

The Importance and Uses of DNA Testing

DNA testing serves many purposes in South Africa. It is often used in cases where positive identification of individuals is required in the judicial and home affairs departments. It is also fundamental to various social, legal, and even civic processes. The accuracy and reliability of DNA testing make it a valuable tool in both personal and legal contexts. For instance, paternity tests are crucial for determining the biological parents of an individual. Moreover, DNA testing can help identify risks and minimize them or prolong life through early management.

For those seeking DNA testing in South Africa, the process typically involves selecting a reputable clinic or laboratory, choosing the appropriate test, and scheduling an appointment. Some providers may offer home testing kits for convenience. For example, EasyDNA offers a home sampling kit included in the cost of R1995 for testing of alleged father and 1 child. It’s also possible to have separate kits sent to individuals residing at different addresses within South Africa.

It’s important to note that in South Africa, consent is required from all parties involved in a paternity test. This includes the biological mother (or legal guardian if the mother is not available), putative father (the person alleged to be the biological father), and the child if they are above a certain age.

DNA Testing for Health and Diet

In addition to paternity and maternity tests, DNA tests can also be used for health and diet purposes. For instance, GENEWAY™ offers several DNA tests available to the public, with over 120 genetic variations assessed. The options available from GENEWAY™ include GENERENEW™, GENESPORT™, GENEDIET™, GENEWELL™, and GENE-Rx™, with prices ranging from R3220 to R3910.

Investec Life has partnered with UK-based genetics company DNAfit to provide DNA tests to their clients at a subsidized cost. These tests provide personalized information that will enable clients to make better health and lifestyle decisions.

In South Africa, the Children’s Act is the primary legislation governing paternity testing. Paternity tests are conducted with strict adherence to confidentiality and privacy. Personal information and test results are protected to ensure the privacy and dignity of the individuals involved.


The cost of DNA testing in South Africa varies widely depending on the type of test, the number of people being tested, and the laboratory conducting the test. While the cost can be a significant factor, it’s also important to consider the reliability and reputation of the testing service. As the demand for DNA testing continues to grow, it’s crucial for consumers to have access to accurate and comprehensive information about these services and their costs.

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