Cost Of Cisa Certification In South Africa

Getting CISA certified in South Africa requires an investment of time and money. The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential is globally recognized as a premier certification for IS audit control, assurance and security professionals. This article provides a comprehensive overview of all costs associated with earning the CISA certification in South Africa.

CISA Exam Costs

The first and most substantial cost is the CISA exam fee itself. This pricing varies based on your membership status with ISACA, the organization that administers the CISA certification program.

Exam Fees for ISACA Members

If you are an ISACA member, the CISA exam fee for the 2023 testing window is $575 USD. At the current exchange rate, this equals approximately R10,000 ZAR. Membership fees are an additional expense covered in the next section.

Exam Fees for Non-Members

For non-ISACA members, the exam fee for 2023 is $760 USD, which converts to about R13,500 ZAR. Becoming an ISACA member first can save you over R3,500 ZAR on the exam cost alone.

Other Exam Registration Costs

On top of the basic exam fee, you will need to pay a $70 USD application fee plus local taxes. This equals around R1,200 ZAR. Applicable South African VAT would also need to be added.

In summary, the total CISA exam cost for ISACA members is approximately R11,200 ZAR, while for non-members it totals around R14,700 ZAR or more with taxes added.

ISACA Membership Costs

Becoming an ISACA member provides discounts on exam registration fees plus other benefits. Membership dues vary based on the applicant’s work experience level.

Student Membership

For students or those with less than 3 years of info systems experience, yearly membership dues equal $30 USD or about R530 ZAR.

Early Career Membership

With 3 to 5 years if relevant work experience, yearly membership fees are $85 USD, around R1,500 ZAR.

Full Member Dues

For professionals with over 5 years if experience, annual ISACA membership dues are $165 USD, approximately R2,900 ZAR per year.

In addition to reduced CISA exam fees, members gain access to ISACA’s network of professionals, online training discounts, career development resources, and more. Purchasing a multi-year ISACA membership upfront can decrease yearly costs.

CISA Certification Process Fees

Passing the CISA exam is a crucial step, but not the only requirement for certification. You must also submit a CISA Certification Application along with proof of relevant work experience.

CISA Certification Application Fee

All CISA applicants must pay a $50 USD fee to submit their certification application. This equals about R880 ZAR. The application is mandatory after passing the exam.

Work Experience Verification

Documenting relevant work experience for CISA certification has no direct fees. However, you may incur costs in obtaining letters from employers confirming your professional audit and control-related experience.

The CISA certification requirements mandate a minimum of 5 years of recent, direct IS audit, control or security work experience. Meeting this requirement is critical for approval of your CISA application after passing the exam.

CISA Exam Preparation Costs

Sufficient study and preparation is vital for passing the challenging CISA exam. Expect to invest both money and time into prep materials and training options.

CISA Review Courses

ISACA offers official CISA review courses with pricing starting at $895 USD for online self-study courses. At today’s conversion rate, this equals about R15,700 ZAR.

Third parties like Simplilearn also offer CISA exam prep courses with pricing from R12,000 ZAR and up for bundled self-study kits. Budget more if enrolling in live online or in-person training.

CISA Exam Study Materials

If not enrolled in a full review course, expect to spend around R2,500-4,000 ZAR for CISA exam study guides and practice question banks from reputable providers like Simplilearn or Wiley.

You’ll also need to buy the CISA Review Manual which costs $99 USD for the ebook or $145 USD for the print edition. These materials are essential for in-depth topic review.

Other Costs

Building in time for study is also imperative when budgeting for CISA certification. Most candidates spend 100-200 hours preparing, representing a substantial time investment.

Smaller expenses may also accumulate, including print materials, online Q&A banks, flashcard apps, study snacks, etc. Candidates serious about passing should be ready to spend on support materials.

Retesting & Renewal Fees

What happens if you need to retake the exam or renew your certification later on? Here are the associated CISA costs to factor in.

CISA Exam Retake Cost

If you fail the CISA exam on your first attempt, you can retake it within the same testing window for a $150 USD fee. This equals around R2,600 ZAR.

Retest pricing applies for up to 2 retakes per window. After that, you must pay the full exam registration fee again.

CISA Certification Renewal Fees

Once earned, CISA certification is valid for 3 years. To renew, you must pay $45 USD per year in Annual Maintenance Fees plus earn the required number of CPE credits.

This means budgeting around R800 ZAR annually, or $135 USD (R2,400 ZAR) every 3 years for CISA renewal fees.

Total Cost Breakdown

In total, candidates should budget between R25,000-R40,000+ ZAR to earn CISA certification in South Africa. Costs ultimately depend on ISACA membership status, exam prep methods, certification approval, and renewal timeline.

However, the career benefits of becoming a Certified Information Systems Auditor often outweighs the costs for those able to make the investment. CISA certified pros can expect to earn R500,000-R800,000+ ZAR in annual salary on average.

Is CISA Certification Worth the Costs?

For eligible audit, control and security professionals, becoming CISA-certified is well worth the expense.

Globally recognized and in high demand, CISA certification can be a valuable asset for advancing your career. By signaling your expertise and credibility to employers, CISA boosts earning potential significantly.

Despite the costs, most candidates find that pursuing CISA certification pays dividends down the road. The prestige and doors it opens within your career make the investment worthwhile.

Just be sure to budget accordingly and utilize all preparation resources available to pass the CISA exam. Understanding the costs involved from the outset helps set realistic expectations.

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