Chicken Feeds Price List In South Africa

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Just as it is for humans, feed is very important for the growth and development of your chickens. It doesn’t matter if you rear broilers or layers, your chickens need high-quality feed.

How much does chicken feed cost in South Africa? There are different brands of feed on the market. Also, there are different categories of chicken feeds. Because of these factors, it is pretty difficult to determine the exact price of chicken feed on the market.

In this post, we will discuss the prices of chicken feeds in South Africa. We will also show you the different types of chicken feeds available.

Chicken Feeds Price List in South Africa

Prices of Chicken Feeds in South Africa

As we mentioned above, there are different classes of chicken feeds such as layers mash, broiler starter mash, etc. Different brands have presented us with different products that come at different prices. Whether you are rearing your birds for business or personal consumption, knowing the prices of feeds is important. With this knowledge, you can plan a budget so that you don’t run into a loss.

So how much does the chicken feeds on the South African market cost? It depends on what you want to buy. We have surveyed the market on your behalf. After our survey, we have come up with a list of the most popular chicken feed products and their prices. Check our list below:

  • Chikun Feed Broiler Starter Mash (25kg): R$211 – R$247
  • Chikun Feed Pre Layer Mash (25kg): R$188 – R$224
  • Hendrix Feeds Broiler Finisher Feed (25kg): R$240 – R$276
  • Hendrix Starter Feed (25kg): R$252 – R$288
  • Hybrid Broiler Finisher Mash (25kg): R$197 – R$233
  • Hybrid Chick Mash (25kg): R$180 – R$216
  • Hybrid Feeds Layer Mash (25kg): R$175 – R$211
  • Hybrid Growers Mash (25kg): R$162 – R$198
  • New Hope Brand 3122 Grower Concentrate (25kg): R$222 – R$258
  • New Hope Brand 3124 Layer Concentrate (25kg): R$233 – R$269
  • New Hope Brand 321 Chick Crumble (25kg): R$209 – R$245
  • New Hope Brand 322 Grower Mash (25kg): R$191 – R$227
  • New Hope Brand 323 Pre-Layer Mash (25kg): R$197 – R$233
  • New Hope Brand 324 Layers Mash Professional (25kg): R$202 – R$238
  • New Hope Broiler Starter Pelleted Feed (25kg): R$240 – R$276
  • New Hope Broiler Super Starter Crumbled Feed (25kg): R$234 – R$270
  • New Hope Layer Ration Mash/Pellet (25kg): R$191 – R$227
  • New Hope Super Brand 320 Chick Starter Crumble (25kg): R$220 – R$256
  • Top feed Broiler Chick Super Starter (Mash/Crumbles) 25kg: R$209 – R$245
  • Top feed Broiler Finisher (Mash/Pellets) 25kg: R$209 – R$245

Note that the prices of these products are subject to change depending on the cost of raw materials and other market forces. Also, they may differ from what we have on this list depending on your location and the vendor you purchase from. We suggest that you purchase your feed from brand depots or certified distributors.

Chicken Feeds Price List In South Africa

Types of Chicken Feed

We told you earlier in this post that there are different categories of chicken feed. Usually, these feeds are formulated to provide the birds with the right amount of nutrients. Chickens are at different stages of development and it is important to purchase the right feed for their stage of development. Here are some of the common chicken feed categories:

Starter feed

The starter feed is given to chicks at the youngest level. It is mostly in crumble form so that the chicks can pick them with their beaks easily. This category of feed contains about 20 percent of crude protein to help the birds grow quickly.

Grower feed

This feed is administered from day-old to about 20 weeks. It all depends on what the owner prefers. Most manufacturers formulate grower feed with between 18 and 20 percent of crude protein. This feed helps to save money as you can use it across several ages. Most farmers prefer to use grower feed instead of starter feed.

Layers mash

If you are raising layers, then you should feed your birds with layers mash. This class of feed contains higher crude protein than grower feed. The reason for this is that it is necessary to help the bird to produce eggs.

Broiler feed

This class of feed is used to feed your broilers if you make use of starter feed. As such, you administer broiler feed after your birds have outgrown starter feed. Usually, broiler feed contains between 20 and 22 percent crude protein.

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