Chevron Salary Structure in South Africa

Almost every South Africa graduate or job seeker has or should have heard about Chevron.

In the eyes of the world, it is one of the largest oil producers in South Africa but in the eyes of graduates and job seekers, it is one of the best-paying companies in South Africa and the place most graduates dream of working immediately they are done with their studies.

This is because the salary structure of the company is quite attractive compared with the salary structure of other engineering companies in South Africa.

It is a fact that most multinational companies, especially oil and gas companies, pay the highest wages and treat their members of staff with the highest regards.

They also offer bonuses and annual leaves to ensure that the staff is able to get the required rest and enjoy the best life can offer. This, in turn, leads to improved productivity which means more profit for the company.

This ideology is shared by many American and European companies in South Africa. However, most South Africa companies do not share this ideology and are ready to subject their employees to a number of duties for little pay.

This is why many graduates look for every opportunity to gain employment in these top companies even though its quite tough as you would require more than just a good certificate to get there.

The good news about working for these top oil and gas companies is that you don’t have to be an engineer or study engineering related courses before you can be considered. There are various other areas that require the input of graduates of business administration, accounting, statistic, mathematics, business relations, and so on.

In this post, you will get information on the amount to expect as a monthly or annual wage when you get employed in Chevron. You will also find the wages of different professions in the company.


Chevron Salary Structure in South Africa

Chevron Workers Salary in South Africa

Chevron has been continuously ranked among the highest paying companies in South Africa. In the rankings, you will find mostly oil and gas companies like Shell, Exxon-Mobil, and Total which are also hot cakes for job seekers. While Chevron might not be the highest paying company in South Africa, it is still one of the best options to consider when hunting for a job.

The salaries of Chevron staff vary and are dependent on a number of factors. These factors include the level or position of the staff, the job specification, level of experience, and the location of the job. Although it is an oil and gas company which makes use of mostly engineers, they don’t discriminate among their staff by paying less to professionals in other fields.

Their salary structure is simply based on the factors I listed above. You can find workers who work offshore and/or on the field earning more and having access to more bonuses compared to other workers in the office. This is simply because their job requirements are much tougher than those in the office.

However, you can find accountants and other high-level workers earning more than these engineers simply because of their position or level in the salary structure.


Chevron South Africa Salary for Engineers

Chevron engineers are paid the highest wages and bonuses compared to other workers. This is so because they perform most of the strenuous jobs and thus, require even compensation to maintain their productivity levels.

Entry-Level Chevron Engineer Salary in South Africa — R$ 3,700 – R$ 18,500

Entry-Level engineers are mostly fresh graduates who lack the required experience to scale through tough terrains. They are mostly given smaller tasks to handle until they gain the experience required to get promoted and given much tougher jobs and higher wages.

The factors that affect the salary of an entry-level chevron engineer include the location of the job, the specifications and requirements of the job, the experience of the engineer beforehand, and the qualifications possessed by the engineer.

Engineers with a good number of professional certificates from reputable organizations or a Master’s Degree from a reputable university are highly regarded and considered above those without these qualifications.

Senior-Level Chevron Engineer Salary in South Africa — R$ 37,000 – R$ 185,000

Senior-Level engineers are engineers who have worked in other companies or in Chevron for a period of time and have some or many years of experience in the field. These engineers are paid high wages for their services and enjoy several other benefits including annual leaves.



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Chevron Salary for Geoscientists in South Africa

Geoscientists play an important role in oil exploration and are regarded as very important professionals in the oil and gas industry. However, they do not earn as much as engineers as their jobs are less strenuous compared with those of engineers. This doesn’t mean a geoscientist doesn’t earn a comfortable pay.

Entry-Level Chevron Geoscientist Salary in South Africa — R$ 3,700 – R$ 11,100

Senior-Level Chevron Geoscientist Salary in South Africa — R$ 18,500 – R$ 111,000


Chevron Salary for Other Fields

Chevron Salary for administrators/accountants/human resources is relatively similar as these professionals do not work on the field but in offices. This means they will receive the lowest wages compared to other fields. However, your level or position in the salary structure can see you earning as much or more than an engineer or geoscientist.

Entry-Level Chevron Salary in South Africa — R$ 3,700 – R$ 11,100

Senior-Level Chevron Salary in South Africa — R$ 18,500 – R$ 37,000


How to Gain Employment in Chevron

Chevron is one of the most sought after companies in South Africa, which means that many graduates from various fields are seeking for an opportunity to offer their services to the company.

If you are one of such persons, then the short guide below can help you to take the right steps to gain employment in the company.


Get More Qualifications

Someone with a Master’s Degree in a specified field will be highly considered for that job compared to someone with only a B.Sc or If you have a chance to get such qualifications, then go for it. You can also opt for professional certifications from reputable organizations.


Get a Better Degree

A graduate with a first class has a higher chance of getting employed than one with a second class upper or lower. Although the main factor that determines if you will get employed or not would be your skills and not just grades, you will gain more points if you have a better grade than other candidates applying for the same job.


Get Connections

Why most job seekers with the right grades and qualifications fail to get employed in top companies is that they don’t have the right connections. Today, we find less qualified individuals in high positions simply because they know the right people. If you hope to get employed in these high profile companies easily, then get connected to the right people. But make sure you have the qualifications and requirements needed.

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