Cctv Camera Prices In South Africa

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have become an essential part of security systems for homes and businesses in South Africa. As the country continues to grapple with crime, the demand for affordable and high-quality CCTV surveillance systems has increased significantly. This article provides an overview of CCTV camera prices in South Africa across various brands, features, and types.

CCTV Camera Prices by Brand

The price of CCTV cameras in South Africa varies greatly depending on the brand. Some of the top brands and their average prices are:

  • Hikvision: R1,200
  • Dahua: R850
  • Mobotix: R7,500
  • Geovision: R4,500

Hikvision and Dahua offer more affordable CCTV cameras while brands like Mobotix are premium and therefore more expensive.

Cctv Camera Prices In South Africa

Prices by Camera Types

Different types of CCTV cameras also impact prices significantly. Below is an overview:

Bullet Cameras

  • Cost: R800 – R1,500
  • Key Features: Cylindrical shape, long distance view, durable
  • Best For: Outdoor surveillance

Dome Cameras

  • Cost: R600 – R1,200
  • Key Features: Discreet, compact, blends into background
  • Best For: Indoor surveillance (shops, restaurants etc.)

HD Cameras

  • Cost: R1,500 – R3,000
  • Key Features: High video resolution (720p – 4K)
  • Best For: High-risk areas like banks, jewelry stores etc.

Wireless Cameras

  • Cost: R800 – R1,200
  • Key Features: Easy installation, compact, wireless connectivity
  • Best For: Homes, offices, churches

Factors Impacting CCTV Camera Prices

Other factors that determine CCTV camera prices in South Africa include:

  • Video Resolution: Higher resolution cameras (4K, 1080p) are more expensive
  • Night Vision Capability: Cameras with infrared or lowlight night vision cost more
  • Outdoor Rating: Outdoor cameras with weatherproof, vandal-proof casings have higher prices
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wireless cameras that don’t need video cables are generally costlier
  • Advanced Features: Cameras with AI analytics, facial recognition etc. also cost extra


CCTV camera prices in South Africa can range from as low as R600 for basic indoor cameras to over R7,500 for advanced outdoor surveillance cameras with the latest features. With crime being a major concern, CCTV systems have become a necessity and getting quotes from multiple vendors is advisable before selecting the best cameras for your needs and budget.

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