Camera Lens Prices In South Africa

Camera lenses are the heart of photography. They play a pivotal role in image capturing, determining the quality and depth of your photos. In South Africa, the market is filled with a variety of lenses from different brands, each offering unique features and price points. This article will delve into the world of camera lenses, focusing on their prices in South Africa. We’ll explore the top brands, their offerings, and what you can expect to pay for these critical photography components.

Understanding the Importance of Camera Lenses

A camera lens is more than just a tool—it’s the eye through which a photographer views the world. The choice of lens can significantly impact the overall delivery and output of the image captured. With a myriad of brands in the camera lens production industry, it’s essential to understand what each offers and their pricing structures in the South African market.

Camera Lens Prices In South Africa

Exploring the World of Camera Lenses in South Africa

Fujifilm Camera Lenses

Fujifilm is a renowned brand in the photography world, known for its high-quality lenses. The Fujifilm Camera Lens XF 27 mm F2.8, for instance, ranges between R$5,040 – R$5,688. On the higher end, the Fujifilm Camera Lens XF 80 mm F2.8 R is priced between R$18,000 – R$19,080.

Canon Camera Lenses

Canon offers a wide range of lenses, from the Canon EF 75-300 mm Lens priced between R$1,980 – R$2,880 to the Canon EF 85 mm Lens, which costs between R$23,040 – R$24,840.

Olympus Camera Lenses

Olympus lenses, such as the Olympus Camera Lens 44 mm F1.2 PRO, are priced between R$15,120 – R$15,840. The Olympus Camera Lens 9-18 mm F4 – 5.6, on the other hand, costs between R$6,480 – R$7,920.

Panasonic Camera Lenses

Panasonic offers lenses like the Panasonic Camera Lens 25 mm F1.7, priced between R$2,520 – R$2,988, and the Panasonic Camera Lens 35-100 mm F2.8, which costs between R$13,140 – R$14,400.

Sigma Camera Lenses

Sigma camera lenses, such as the Sigma camera lens 30 mm F1.4, are priced between R$5,220 – R$5,580. The Sigma camera lens 70 – 200 mm F2.8 DG OS is on the higher end, costing between R$20,880 – R$21,600.

Sony Camera Lenses

Sony offers a variety of lenses, including the Sony Camera lens SEL 85 mm F1.8, priced between R$9,360 – R$10,080, and the Sony Camera lens SEL 24 – 105 mm F4G OSS – 6.3, which costs between R$19,080 – R$20,160.

Tamron Camera Lenses

Tamron lenses, such as the Tamron Camera Lens 28 -75 mm F2.8, are priced between R$5,040 – R$5,940. The Tamron Camera Lens 90 mm F2.8 costs between R$9,720 – R$10,800.

Camera Lens Prices at Top South African Retailers

Camera Warehouse

Camera Warehouse offers an extensive range of camera lenses from various brands, including Canon, Fujifilm, Sigma, and Tamron.

Foto Discount World

Foto Discount World is another top camera store in South Africa. They offer a variety of camera lenses from brands like Canon, Sigma, Fujifilm, Olympus, Zeiss, Bushnell, SanDisk, Nikon, Tiffen, and more at discount prices.

Orms Direct

Orms Direct offers a wide range of camera lenses from brands like Canon, Sony, Sigma, and Tamron. They offer free shipping on all South African orders above R1000.


The camera lens prices in South Africa vary significantly based on the brand, lens type, and retailer. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, it’s crucial to understand the market to make an informed purchase. Remember, the lens is the eye of the camera, and investing in a good one can significantly enhance your photography.

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