Buy a Classic BMW E30 on OLX: Affordable and Stylish Cars for Sale in South Africa

Are you looking for a vintage car that is both affordable and stylish? Look no further than the classic BMW E30. This iconic car boasts timeless design, impressive performance, and high reliability. And lucky for you, many are available for sale in South Africa on OLX.

Why Choose a Classic BMW E30?

The first-generation BMW 3 Series (E21) was introduced in 1975, followed by the second-generation (E30) in 1982. The E30 quickly gained popularity as it featured advanced technology, impressive handling, and elegant style.

Today, the BMW E30 has become an icon of motoring history with its unique styling cues such as its boxy shape, kidney grille design and quad headlights which gives it an ageless appearance that still looks good today.

As far as performance goes; there are various models to choose from starting with the entry-level four-cylinder model all the way up to the M3 which is powered by what’s called “S14” inline-four engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox or optional automatic transmission.Other engines offered include six-cylinder petrol engines -in both carburetedand fuel-injectedversions- along with diesel powertrains offered in later years.

A classic BMW E30 can provide you with unparalleled driving experience while turning heads wherever you go – but why stop there when they’re also very reasonably priced?

Where to Find Classic BMWs For Sale

If you’re based in South Africa then finding one of these beauties shouldn’t be difficult at offers several models between R20k – R200k depending on condition upgrades specificatioNs etc.

You can use their search functions to specify requirements regarding make year country ,mileage among others You can also contact private sellers directly through the OLX messaging system to ask any questions or schedule a viewing of a vehicle that interests you.

Tips for Buying a Classic BMW E30

If you’re looking to purchase a classic BMW E30, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Condition: Make sure to thoroughly inspect the condition of the car before making an offer. Check the bodywork, suspension, and engine components.

    • Subpoint: Look out for rust on its panels this can be treated but could end up being expensive if extensive.
  • Maintenance History: Ask for Records in order to confirm whether regular maintenance was done or not which includes oil changes and brake pads replacements.

  • Originality: Original cars are highly sought after so check that it has original features where possible . This is critical because sometimes with cars during restoration processes parts may have been replaced that were n’t intended originally by manufacturer.

By considering these key factors when buying your own classic BMW E30 you will increase your chances of landing yourself with a reliable ,stylish and affordable ride.


The Classic BMW E30 remains one of those iconic automotive masterpieces worth owning. With various models , reasonably priced sales options readily available through platforms like; its easier than ever before grab yourself one today!

Not only do they make impressive additions to any garage space (not forgetting head-turners on road)they also hold potential financial value as collectors items giving them multiple reasons why now is best time start searching get behind wheel enjoy joyriding in style!

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Certainly, here are three popular FAQs along with their answers for buying a classic BMW E30 on OLX in South Africa:

What is the average price range of a Classic BMW E30 on OLX?

The price range for a Classic BMW E30 on OLX can vary depending on several factors such as the model year, condition and mileage of the vehicle. However, you can expect to find prices ranging from R50 000 up to R150 000 or more.

Are all Classic BMW E30s listed on OLX in good condition?

No, not all Classic BMW E30s listed on OLX are in good condition. It’s important to carefully review the listing details including photos and descriptions provided by the seller before making any decisions. Additionally, it may be helpful to ask questions about specific aspects of the car’s history, maintenance records and potential issues before arranging an inspection or purchase.

How do I go about purchasing a Classic BMW E30 listed for sale on OLX?

If you find a Classic BMW E30 that catches your interest, start by contacting the seller through their listed contact details such as phone number or email address provided within their listing advertisement. Once you have established communication with them, arrange an inspection and test drive so that you can see first-hand if this is something worth investing your money into to avoid any disappointments later on. If everything checks out during inspections and negotiations between both parties are successful , You could then proceed with payment either via cash transfer or other agreed-upon methods