Butterfly Sewing Machine Prices in South Africa

Are you a fashion designer? A good sewing machine is the answer for a perfect finishing. Butterfly is a household name in making sewing simple and more enjoyable when creating new and original projects, very easy to operate for sewing cloth and lots more. The butterfly sewing machine is known to be ruggedand very affordable.

Butterfly Sewing Machine Prices in South Africa

Types of Butterfly sewing machines

Butterfly electronic sewing machines

These work by a single motor that sends an electrical impulse to move the needle. Feet operate the machine, allowing the hands to be free to move the fabric. This type of machines is ideal for home sewers. They feature multi-function zigzag embroidery machine, built in LED pilot lamp and quick winding bobbins.

Butterfly manual sewing machine

These are basic machines used by amateur and professional tailors alike. They can be also be used electrically by attaching a separate electrical device to the side of the wheel. These machines have the capacity to sew on all types of fabric regardless of the texture of the clothes simply because they uses between sizes 14, 16, 18 and 22 which are predetermined by the texture of the fabric before knowing the size of needle to input.

Butterfly overlockers

These are finishing machines used for hems and seams. They also have decorative stitching options. A great plus – they can sew a seam, finish the edge and cut off excess fabric.


Prices of butterfly sewing machines in South Africa

Every sewing machine can appear to be the same if you don’t know much about what each type can do. They all weigh different amounts, come in different sizes, and offer a variety of different types of stitches. Some machines require more experience than others. Then there are commercial sewing machines. These types of machines are in various brands and they all have differences in prices as well as in quality.

Product Price Range
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (3-drawer) ZAR$7,000 – ZAR$7,800
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (3-drawer) with electric motor ZAR$7,800 – ZAR$8,000
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (2-drawer) ZAR$6,800 – ZAR$7,000
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (2-drawer) with electric motor ZAR$ 7,200 – ZAR$7,500
Butterfly multifunctional sewing machine mid Jh8190s ZAR$5,000 – ZAR$5,500


Things to look at before buying your Butterfly sewing machine

For mostsewists buying a machine can be overwhelming because even inexpensive machines have features you may not understand. More importantly, you really need to consider what you may not need today but might want down the road as your sewing progresses.

Below is a breakdown of what you need to know before buying a sewing or quilting machine. Although it’s aimed for beginners, an experienced sewer might stumble across something helpful as well.

Who is the sewing machine for?

Are you buying a sewing machine for yourself? If so, consider your sewing experience. Are you a beginner, novice, or advanced? This is the most important factor you can consider when buying the best sewing machine. This one question can help determine budget, make, size, stitch options, and so much more.

What is your budget?

The price of a sewing machine varies significantly. You must consider your budget before starting your search. If you have a limited budget, you may consider buying a quality used machine instead of a new one. Ensure that you do a thorough check before paying. It is vital that you choose the best sewing machine in your budget, to avoid any disappointment.

What projects will the machine be used for?

A sewing machine must be fit for purpose. Beginner or pro, it is vital to buy a sewing machine with the features you need. Always consider how thick the thickest piece of fabric you will ever use with the machine. If you are keen to get started on projects using fabrics such as denim, heavy cotton twill, or anything else with a fair weight; then the sturdier the machine, the better. Consider your sewing expectations, and it will always help when determining what to look for when buying a sewing machine.


After setting your budget, you should decide which features you’d like to have on your machine. It is important to choose a machine that includes stitches you will actually use. Look out for machines with a straight stitch, zigzag stitch, buttonhole stitch, blind hem stitch and utility stitch.

Special features

Many machines come with some awesome features that make sewing so much fun. They include needle threader, needle up/down, adjustable speed control, needle position adjustment, lighting, automatic thread cutter, knee lifter and free arm among others.

Attachments and feet

Attachments and feetwill be specific to what you plan to sew. Some common ones include presser foot, zipper foot, overcast stitching foot, buttonhole foot, button attaching foot, twin needles and so on. Be sure to look at the specific feet and attachments particular to your sewing plans. Choosing the right attachments for your sewing machine is crucial.

Mechanical or computerized

Sewing is about having the needle go up and down. How well a sewing machine does that can depends upon what’s inside the machine. Mechanical machines tend to be simple to operate. If keptclean and oiled they will serve you for a long time, making itan excellent choice for someone on a budget. A well-maintained computerized machine will sew a beautiful straight stitch every time. A third option is the electronic machine. It’s a hybrid of the mechanical and computerized machine.

Finalthoughts on choosing a butterfly sewing machine

We highly recommend that you purchase a machine locally and form a relationship with your local dealer. They are in the best position to match you with the right sewing machine. Before heading out to shop for a sewing machine, do someresearch on various manufacturers as it helps you make an informed buying decision.