Bullmastiff Prices In South Africa

The Bullmastiff, a breed known for its fearlessness, loyalty, and affection towards its family, is often referred to as the “silent watchdog.” This breed, while gentle with its family, can be quite formidable when it comes to strangers. The Bullmastiff is considered one of the most expensive dog breeds in South Africa. In this article, we will delve into the costs associated with acquiring a Bullmastiff in South Africa.

Bullmastiff Prices in South Africa

The Bullmastiff breed is loved for many reasons. They are easy to care for, have short coats, and are devoted family dogs. These dogs also make excellent protective companions and can grow to be quite large.

Bullmastiffs can be either purebred or mixed breed. We will be examining the prices of both types in the South African market. Here are their prices:

  • Baby Male Mixed Breed Bullmastiff – ZAR 2,160 – ZAR 5,400
  • 1 – 3 months old Purebred Male Bullmastiff – ZAR 3,600 – ZAR 7,200
  • 1 – 3 months old Purebred Female Bullmastiff – ZAR 4,320 – ZAR 9,000
  • 1 year plus Male Purebred Male Bullmastiff – ZAR 1,800 – ZAR 3,600
  • Imported Pedigree Bull Mastiff Puppies – ZAR 18,000 – ZAR 25,200
  • 3 – 6 Month Male Purebred Bullmastiff – ZAR 4,320 – ZAR 7,920
  • 6 – 12 Month Male Purebred Bullmastiff – ZAR 3,600 – ZAR 9,000

Please note that these prices are estimates based on our survey of the Bullmastiff market in South Africa. Prices may vary depending on your location and the vendor you choose.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bullmastiff

Acquiring a dog is a significant commitment and should not be taken lightly. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a Bullmastiff:

  • Can you afford a dog? The cost of owning a dog extends beyond the initial purchase. You must be prepared for the financial commitment of caring for the dog, including food and medical expenses.
  • Do you have enough time for your dog? Bullmastiffs, like other dogs, require a lot of attention. Owning a dog is akin to having a child. You must make time for grooming, veterinary appointments, cuddling, socializing, and regular walks.
  • Do you have enough space for your dog? Bullmastiffs grow to be quite large, so they need ample space to move around and play. If you live in a rented apartment with neighbors, owning a dog may not be ideal.
  • What age of dog should you purchase? This is a common dilemma. Whether you choose a puppy or an adult dog, both require financial investment and training efforts. However, adult dogs may have received some level of training from their previous owners, which could lessen your training efforts.

Bullmastiff Care Tips

If you’ve decided to purchase a Bullmastiff, be prepared for the care this breed requires. Bullmastiffs are large dogs and can quickly become a handful. Here are a few care tips:

  • Socialize with your Bullmastiff early in its life and spend a lot of time with it.
  • Make time to train your Bullmastiff, especially if it is a puppy.
  • Take your dog for daily walks, ensuring it is on a strong leash.
  • Bullmastiffs drool a lot, so always have a towel handy.
  • Bathe your dog every 3 to 4 months, trim its nails monthly, and brush its coat weekly. Also, use a dental kit for dogs to brush your Bullmastiff’s teeth several times a week.

In conclusion, owning a Bullmastiff in South Africa is a significant commitment, both financially and in terms of time and care. However, the loyalty and companionship these dogs offer can make the investment worthwhile.

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