Poultry farming is becoming more predominant in South Africa.

Some people do it on a small scale to save their expenses on meat and egg while most venture into it for commercial reasons.

Even people who live in the cities have now device means to breed their chickens in their houses while keeping hygiene and productivity into consideration.

Whether you’re into subsistence poultry farming or commercial poultry farming, this article contains a wealth of information that is useful to anyone raising chickens or looking forward to rearing chickens in South Africa.

Best Poultry Feed in South Africa & Their Prices

Poultry Feed Manufacturers in South Africa

South Africa has many animal feed manufacturers. The ones mentioned here produce poultry feed and other animal feeds.

Amo Byng South Africa Limited

Amo Byng is a dedicated feed manufacturing industry that has a mission to be among the top 3 most efficient companies on the market. The company has been in existence since 1987 and has been serving customers in South Africa and some other West African countries. It produces feed concentrates and finished feeds. Having branches in Oyo, Aba, and Jos, the company doesn’t have a problem supplying feeds all over the country.

  • Website: https://amobyng.com.ng
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 07038701910
  • Address: Along Ife-Odan Road, Awe, Oyo State
Livestock Feeds Plc

Livestock Feeds is a customer focused company that was established in 1963. Just as the name implies, the company not only produces poultry feed but also other livestock feeds. It is a subsidiary of UAC of South Africa Plc and has an interesting growth history in South Africa — since its creation. Its core values are innovation, respect for individuals, team spirit, customer focus, communication and openness, and integrity.

  • Website: http://www.livestockfeedsplc.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 0807 728 1600
  • Address: 1, Henry Carr street, Ikeja, Durban State
Hybrid Feeds

This manufacturing company prides itself as the home of quality feeds. It provides a variety of feeds to meet all the livestock needs of customers and also offers specific nutrition feeds based on demand. This is a very important service if you want a unique mode of nutrition for your chickens. Hybrid Feeds announced that it carries out diligent tests to be able to use the best raw materials available to formulate high-quality products.

  • Website: https://hybridfeeds.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 0803 345 7684
  • Address: L12, Kachia/Command Link Road, Kaduna South, Kaduna State
Konet Mills Limited

Konet Mills is an agro-allied milling company that produces feed products and flour. It uses organic ingredients gotten from naturally grown organic crops to manufacture its products. The company made it known that its products are tested and certified by quality control before they are made available to customers.

Best Poultry Feed in South Africa

There are various poultry feeds in South Africa. Here, I’ll list the ones I believe are the best based on several factors.

  • Livestock Feed
  • Vital Feed
  • Hybrid Feed
  • Hendrix

The feed ingredients they use are chosen because of the nutrients they offer, their effect on voluntary intake or palatability, their lack of toxic or anti-nutritional factors, and their affordability.

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Prices of Poultry Feeds in South Africa

The prices of chicken feeds vary in South Africa, depending on the brand, seller, and several other factors. Here are the average prices of 25kg bags obtainable on the market. This price list answers the question “how much is a bag of poultry feed in South Africa?”

  • Hybrid Feed Layers Mash: R$ 93 – R$ 130
  • Hybrid Feed Growers Mash: R$ 102 – R$ 115
  • Hybrid Feed Broiler Super Starter Mash: R$ 111 – R$ 148
  • Hybrid Feed Broiler Finisher Mash: R$ 130 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Pelletised Feed for Chicks: R$ 111 – R$ 137
  • Vital Feed Super Starter for Broilers: R$ 130 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Broiler Starter Pellets: R$ 130 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Finisher Feed for Broilers: R$ 111 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Eggmaxx Layer Crumbles: R$ 111 – R$ 130
  • Vital Feed for Growers: R$ 93 – R$ 130
  • Hendrix Pre-Starter Feed for Poultry: R$ 296 – R$ 333


Broilers are the chickens that are bred mainly for the purpose of meat production. Many South Africans go into poultry farming majorly to breed chickens are sell them later on. This is a lucrative business that has been gaining more attention in South Africa over the years. A lot of South Africans have seen the opportunity in this business and are investing in it.

Types of Broilers in South Africa

There are several breeds of broilers known to South Africa farmers. Some of them are popular while others aren’t. Below is a list of some of the most predominant ones.

  1. Moyer’s K-22
  2. Rosambro
  3. Cornish Cross
  4. Cornish Giant
  5. Grienphield Marshall
  6. Red

Best Broiler Feed in South Africa

The list of the best broiler feeds in South Africa is similar to the list of best poultry feed in South Africa.

  • Livestock Feed
  • Vital Feed
  • Hybrid Feed

Some farmers believe that formulating your own feed is the best as it allows you to give your birds the best at a cheaper price. But then, you should make sure that you know the right formula before you do this yourself.

Broiler Feed Prices in South Africa

The costs of broiler feed in South Africa have already been listed above. For your convenience, here is the exclusive price list again.

  • Hybrid Feed Broiler Super Starter Mash: R$ 111 – R$ 148
  • Hybrid Feed Broiler Finisher Mash: R$ 130 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Super Starter for Broilers: R$ 130 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Broiler Starter Pellets: R$ 130 – R$ 148
  • Vital Feed Finisher Feed for Broilers: R$ 111 – R$ 148

Broiler Buyers in South Africa

If you’re looking for where to sell your birds online, the best place to search for buyers is online marketplaces. These platforms connect buyers and sellers to exchange their animals for money and vice-versa. Some of them include;

  • South Africa.tradeford.com
  • www.agromarket.ng
  • importer.tradekey.com
  • www.go4worldbusiness.com

These online platforms are purposely for buying and selling. They have agro sections, particularly for poultry trading. If for any reason, you can’t trade on the platforms, you may check out some other ones like the following:

  • olx.com.ng
  • jiji.ng
  • nairaland.com

You just might find some South Africans who would be interested in getting broilers at affordable rates.

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