First, it is important to have a vivid understanding of what the term “orthopedic” means.

Orthopedic in an elementary sense is concerned with disorders or deformities of the spine and joints. It mostly affects the aged.

There are various ways by which these disorders or deformities can be corrected; one of which is through the use of mattresses.

The modern world, over time, has been sorting for ways to help in assisting and making life better and it has gone as far as to realize that the kind of structures we relax our bodies on, matter a lot.

Science and technology have gone as far as uncovering the major concerns that have been bothering us, and have been perfecting them as days pass by.

Now that you have had a fair knowledge of what an orthopedic mattress is, it will be posing no difficulty to march on.

Orthopedic mattresses are specially built or designed with high density covered with eminent quality and finely designed conjoined textiles to meet up with the orthopedic needs.

This class of mattress is fully structured for medical needs to assist in some bodily distort corrections. Also, most modernized health centers in South Africa use these mattresses for the comfort of their patients.

Best Orthopedic Mattress Prices in South Africa

How Much Is Orthopedic Mattress in South Africa?

It is necessary to always understand that the prices of mattresses vary according to their size and classification.

Orthopedic mattresses also vary in price like other kinds of mattresses. The price of a 6ft mattress will always vary from the price of a 5ft mattress.

It is also important to note that the price of this mattress varies from one location to another. This idea is to enlighten you on the fact that the prices are not exactly the same nationwide, which is due to several factors.

Below are some of the available orthopedic mattresses and ranging prices in South Africa.

Vitafoam Orthopedic Mattress Prices

6ft X 7ft X 8inches  R$ 5,273 to R$ 5,661

6ft X 6ft X 8inches  R$ 4,662 to R$ 5,069

6ft X 5ft X 8inches  R$ 3,663 to R$ 3,885

6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches  R$ 3,360 to R$ 3,700

6ft X 3.5ft X 8inches  R$ 2,165 to R$ 2,368

Vita Galaxy Orthopedic Mattress Prices

6ft X 5ft X 8inches  R$ 4,366 to R$ 4,625

6ft X 6ft X 8inches  R$ 4,699 to R$ 4,995

Vitafoam Semi Orthopedic Mattress Prices

7ft X 7ft X 8inches  R$ 4,662 to R$ 4,810

6ft X 6ft X 8inches R$ 3,367 to R$ 3,589

6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches  R$ 2,960 to R$ 3,330

Mouka Foam Orthopedic Mattress Prices

4.5ft X 8inches  R$ 4,070

6ft X 6ft X 8inches  R$ 3,330 to R$ 4,292

Mouka Foam Semi Orthopedic Mattress Price

4.5ft X 8inches  R$ 2,109 to R$ 2,368

Regina Semi Orthopedic Mattress Prices

7ft X 7ft X 10inches  R$ 4,810 to R$ 4,995

6ft X 7ft X 10inches  R$ 4,736 to R$ 5,365

6ft X 6ft X 10inches  R$ 3,996 to R$ 4,255

6ft X 7ft X 8inches  R$ 4,403 to R$ 4,625

Regal Orthopedic Mattress Prices

6ft X 7ft X 10inches  R$ 7,215 t0 R$ 7,400

3.5ft X 8inches  R$ 3,145 to R$ 3,552

Sara Foam Orthopedic Mattress Prices

6ft X 6ft  R$ 4,070

Are Orthopedic Mattresses Worth the Money?

Orthopedic mattresses are built mainly on medical grounds; if you require one on this basis, then it is wholly worth every kobo.

Most people go for this class of mattress only when there is a special need because they are specially built and often cost more than other types. If you have a budget for an orthopedic mattress, go for it without hesitation.

Why are Orthopedic Mattresses Recommended?

They are specially made mattresses that are meant to be used for bodily corrections and the utmost comfort of the body. They make a very good choice for elders who are already becoming weak.

This does not mean that you can only get them when you have health issues. No, you can also get them for more comfort and to remain healthy.

How Durable Are Orthopedic Mattresses?

In terms of durability, orthopedic mattresses in South Africa are of high-quality standard. There are principles put in place to guide and check the standard of production that every orthopedic mattress obtains.

This is enough to maintain that they are of high quality and meet up with the minimum requirements allotted to their production.

I suggest you obtain one here in South Africa from a reputable and authorized dealer. Purchasing from a reliable and trusted authorized dealer will ensure that you get an item that meets its specifications.

Where to Buy Orthopedic Mattresses in South Africa


In South Africa, we face a lot of health-related issues such as pain, broken ankle, disjoint, muscle problems, and so on. As such, this class of mattress is made available nationwide.

This helps to ease the stress of having to go outside the country to get one or spend a huge amount to order one online from overseas.

Ultimately, these mattresses are available in South Africa and the authorized dealer stores are all around us. The availability is strategized to go round the whole of South Africa, which means that they can be seen in all the 36 states of the federation.


You can also purchase them online in South Africa from e-commerce stores like Jumia, Konga, or Kara. But the best and most recommended place to buy is directly from the manufacturers. Some companies like Vitafoam make it easy to buy directly on their official website.

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