Best Baby Soaps in South Africa & Prices

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Babies have very beautiful skin. Their skin is supple and adorable. The little challenge here is that their skin is also very sensitive. To keep a baby’s skin looking fresh, soft, and attractive, you must use the right baby soaps.

What are the best baby soaps in South Africa? How much do they cost? What are the factors that you should look out for when choosing a soap for your baby? We will answer all these questions in this post. Let’s dive straight in.

Best Baby Soaps in South Africa & Prices

Prices of the Best Baby Soaps in South Africa

The South African market is filled with all kinds of baby soaps. It is so difficult to point at one and declare it the best baby soap on the market. You’d have to try out several brands before concluding. Doing that will waste time and money so we decided to survey the market on your behalf. After our survey, we came up with the products below:

  • Safeguard Baby Soap: From N640
  • Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle Soap: From N250
  • Pears Baby Soap: From N350
  • Daffy Baby Soap: From N400
  • Dove Baby: From N1000


Note that the prices of these soaps may change depending on several factors. These factors include location, government policies, market forces, vendors, and company policies. We will update this post once there is a price change so that you will become aware early enough.

Best Baby Soaps in South Africa

Now that we have shown you the prices of the best baby soaps in South Africa, let’s discuss them in more detail.

Safeguard Baby Soap

Safeguard is a very popular brand on the South African market. This brand makes different bath soaps for adults, not just in South Africa, but all over the world. What many people don’t know is that there is also a Safeguard soap for babies.

Safeguard Baby Soap is manufactured with a formula that is perfect for a baby’s skin. It is easily one of the best for babies in South Africa. Using this soap for your baby consistently helps to maintain its skin texture and keep it soft.

The soap doesn’t result in any irritations and guarantees your baby’s skin will be free of spots and rashes. Safeguard Baby Soap contains several essential oils that replenish the lipids within your baby’s skin. The effect of this is that it prevents itching and skin dryness.


  • Possesses antibacterial properties.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Prevents itching and skin dryness.


  • The antibacterial properties of this soap can irritate the skin of some babies.

Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle Soap

Cussons is another popular cosmetic brand. There are different kinds of Cussons soaps for adults and now, there is one for your baby too. The Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle Soap is manufactured from a formula that aims at keeping your baby’s skin radiant and fresh.

Consistent use of this soap on your baby’s skin protects it from bacteria that may lead to skin infections. This soap is mild on the skin so it hardly causes any irritations. It has gone through several product tests and has been certified for use by several bodies around the globe. Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle Soap contains milk and chamomile to nourish your baby’s skin and keep it free of germs.


  • Mild and gentle formulation for a baby’s skin.
  • A delightful fragrance that is appealing to babies.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Paraben-free soap.


  • Quite pricy.

Pears Baby Soap

Pears Baby is a very popular brand. This company makes different kinds of baby creams and lotions that help to keep the baby’s skin healthy. There is also Pears Baby Soap that is designed using a special formula that aims at freshening up your baby’s skin. This product helps to protect the skin from germs and rids it from different kinds of bacteria.

Pears Baby Soap is designed for every part of the baby’s body and it can be used immediately after birth. The soap is hypoallergenic and free of parabens. It has been tested dermatologically and certified to be okay for use. This soap has a great fragrance that doesn’t cause any irritation to both babies and adults.


  • Great for both general and specific use.
  • You can use this soap right after a baby is born.
  • Formulated from natural ingredients.
  • Very nice fragrance.


  • Quite pricy.

Daffy Baby Soap

Daffy Baby Soap is a very good soap for babies even though it isn’t as popular as the soaps above. It is produced by an Indian Pharmaceutical company known as Dr. Reddy. Babies have very sensitive and soft skin. Dr. Reddy understands this and has formulated Daffy Baby Soap that is perfect for such skins.

It is designed using a special formula that helps to maintain the tenderness of the baby’s skin. Using this soap consistently keeps your baby’s skin looking great and protects it from bacteria. It also prevents itching and rashes while maintaining skin moisture.


  • Perfect for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Rejuvenates baby’s skins regardless of the damage done by other soaps.


  • Not too popular on the market.

Dove Baby

Dove is another very popular soap brand on the market. Not many people know that Dove has a product designed solely for babies. Dove Baby is everything you desire in the soap for your baby’s skin.

The soap protects the skin by producing a cool sensation when in use. This sensation helps to protect the skin from rashes. The soap also improves the texture of your baby’s skin. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any irritations.


  • Great for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very affordable.


  • None for now.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Soap

Choosing a good baby soap from the many on the market can be quite difficult especially for new parents. However, there are certain factors that you should watch out for before choosing a baby soap. Some of them include:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • SLS-Free.