Berger Paints South Africa Price List

Apart from beautification, paints are also used for protection.

They’re used for protection against rust, corrosion, mould, and several other purposes.

Paints are of different brands and types. While some are for general purposes, others are for specific uses.

The paints used for houses, for example, are not suitable for ships. This is because they don’t contain properties that can make them withstand the always-wet environment.

This article outlines Berger paints prices in South Africa, applications of different Berger paint products, and their features.


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About Berger Paint South Africa

Berger Paints South Africa is one of the oldest paint manufacturers in South Africa. They started operations in the country in 1959, just a year before Independence. They have grown to become of the leading companies in the paint industry.

The company has a manufacturing plant and over 25 depots in South Africa. It also has numerous dealers spread across the country.

Berger paints have many outlets in South Africa referred to as Colourworld. The Colourworlds are situated in strategic places and usually offer thousands of colours. They operate in 5 different business segments including automotive refinishes, industrial coatings, marine and protection coating, wood finishing and preservers, and decorative finishes.


Berger Paint Offices in South Africa

The following are their main offices; they’re referred to as colour centres. The Durban office is where the paints are manufactured. This is also where the main administrative work is done. In fact, it’s their head office.


Berger Paints Premises

  • Address: No. 102, Oba Akran, Avenue, Ikeja, Durban
  • Phone: 012805167, 012805169, 08102164585, 0700BERGERPAINTS
  • Website:
  • Email:


Lekki Colour World

  • Address: Garnet Plaza km 17/18, Lekki Epe Expressway, Igbo Efon Bus-stop, Lekki, Durban
  • Phone: 08141374155, 08141374156


Johannesburg Centre

  • Address: Plot 748, Alexandria Crescent, Wuse 11, Johannesburg
  • Phone: 08102164849


Where to Buy Berger Paints in South Africa

This is a very popular brand. Finding their outlet in any city within the country isn’t going to be much of a problem because they’re almost everywhere - even in some villages. The company has even made things easy by compiling a list of accredited depots in several cities across the country. Check out the list here.


Brands of Berger Paints

Berger paints are categorized into two; decorative and non-decorative. Let’s take a closer look at each.



These are mostly used for buildings. Their names and applications are given in the table below.

Paint Application
Luxol Emulsion (20 litres) For internal and external decoration
Clinstay (20 litres) Recommended for internal decoration but not external decoration
Rufhide (20 litres) Suitable for covering wallboards, minor cracks, plaster holes
Fire Retardant Texcote Good for internal and external use
Super Star Emulsion (20 litres) Prevents mould growth and is suitable for internal and external decoration
Supertex and Robbitex (20 litres) The application can be internal or external
Luxol Gloss (4 litres) Recommended when you need a high surface shine
Super Star Gloss (4 litres) A good option for covering 8 to 10sqm per litre
Robbialac Emulsion (4 litres) Recommended for covering up to 8sqm per litre
Robbialac Gloss (4 litres) For having a shiny surface and covering up to 8sqm per litre
Bergernol, Wood Primers Suitable for painting wood surfaces, fences, and rafters


Features of Decorative Brands

These are the features of some of the paints listed above.


  • It has a shiny finish
  • It works well in traffic areas like hospital walls, school walls, children rooms, and living rooms
  • It is washable and can be easily cleaned
  • It can cover up to 15sqm per litre



  • It has more adhesive strength over POP and the likes
  • It is durable and flexible
  • It is capable of covering cracks


Super Star Emulsion

  • It has a matte finish
  • It prevents the growth of mould
  • The paint is a 3 coat finish


Luxol Gloss

  • It has durable pigment
  • It provides high gloss
  • The paint can cover 10 to 12sqm per litre
  • It’s an air-drying paint



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They are mostly used for vehicles, industrial products, and marine protection.

Paint Application
Cellulose Enamel (4 litres) Suitable for general purpose
Lignolac Wood Finishes (4 litres) It can be applied woods
Autolux (1 litre) Specially manufactured for automobiles
Coil Coating Enamels (4 litres) For aluminium and steel
Epoxy Coatings (4 litres) For use in chemical factories, refineries, and industrial environments
Marine Coating (4 litres) Suitable for machinery, pipelines, handrails, fabricated tanks
Anti-fouling Paint Used for the bottom of ships, galvanized metals, and iron
Thermoplastic Road Marker For painting iron helipad, runaways, sport facility
Stoving Enamels (G6) It can be used for metals and domestic appliances
Quick Drying Enamel (Q.D.E) A general-purpose paint


Features of Non-Decorative Brands

Here are features of some of the paints under this category.


Cellulose Enamel

  • It dries fast
  • It prevents fungus formation



  • It has a high gloss
  • It is long-lasting
  • It has good resistance to weather
  • It dries fast


Epoxy Coatings

  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • It is resistant to moisture
  • It is a good steel protector
  • The paint is non-toxic
  • It has 2 coat finish


Marine Coating

  • It offers protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • It retains colour and glaze
  • It is a good decorative
  • It offers a smooth finish to substrates
  • The paint is manufactured in matte and gloss finish


Berger Paints Price List in South Africa

These are the official prices of Berger paints in South Africa.

  • Clinstay Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 1,295 – R$ 1,480
  • Fire Retardant Texcote (20 litres): R$ 999 – R$ 1,110
  • Luxol Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 999 – R$ 1,295
  • Robbialac Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 222 – R$ 370
  • Robbitex Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 407 – R$ 555
  • Rufhide Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 592 – R$ 740
  • Supatex Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 703 – R$ 925
  • Superstar Emulsion (20 litres): R$ 629 – R$ 740
  • AutoLux (1 litres): R$ 63 – R$ 93
  • Bergernol (5 litres): R$ 430 – R$ 740
  • Lignolac Wood Finish (4 litres): R$ 185 – R$ 370
  • Luxol Gloss (4 litres): R$ 333 – R$ 444
  • Robbialac Gloss (4 litres): R$ 174 – R$ 296
  • Superstar Gloss (4 litres): R$ 259 – R$ 370


Wrap Up

Berger paints are high-quality paints that are worth every penny. Be sure to consider your purpose carefully, so that you can choose the right one. Remember that only a few of them can be used for general purpose; most of them are for specific purposes.

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