Bathroom Tiles Price in South Africa in South Africa

Choosing tiles for your bathroom is a lot different from choosing tiles for any other room in the home or office.

The bathroom surface will always be wet as long as you use it.

So you need to consider slippery-safe tiles first and then secondly, think about the water-resistant quality of the tile before other factors.

The bathroom is a unique room in any building.

While a good decor is a necessity for this room, safety should always top the list. Some tiles are safer to use on bathroom floors and walls than other types of tiles. This is because the ‘roughness’ of the surface of different tile varies depending on the type of material used in making the tile as well as the surface design.

Some tiling materials are also easier to clean than other types. Tiles impervious to water are generally easier to clean and maintain than those that absorb liquids. Also, larger tiles are easier to clean and maintain since they will generally have lesser lines between each tile.

This post is intended to guide you on how to choose the best bathroom tiles in South Africa for your bathroom by providing you with helpful tips. Estimates of the prices of various types of bathroom tiles have also been provided as well as a simplified guide on how to calculate the number of tiles needed for your bathroom.


Bathroom Tiles Price in South Africa in South Africa

Price of Bathroom Tiles in South Africa

Ceramic Tiles: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tiling for your bathroom, then you might want to consider ceramic tiles. They are synthetic flooring tiles and one of the cheapest tiling options on the market.

Ceramic tiles, however, absorb liquids. This makes them a little harder to clean and maintain. But for the money, they are a good option, especially for bathroom walls. Of course, they can also be used on the floor of bathrooms.

The price of a 30 × 30 pack of ceramic tile ranges from R$ 45 – R$ 56 while a 40 x 40 ceramic tile pack costs around R$ 52 – R$ 65.


Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles, like ceramic tiles, are man-made and also a very cheap option for the bathroom. Unlike ceramic, porcelain is water resistant and does not chip off easily, making it a great fit for high traffic areas.

They are excellent for bathroom flooring and walls and are quite easy to maintain. They come in two varieties; polished and unpolished. The price of a 30 x 30 polished porcelain pack ranges from R$ 93 – R$ 102 while a 40 x 40 pack of the same costs around R$ 100 – R$ 111.

A 40 x 40 of unpolished porcelain pack costs around R$ 93 – R$ 111 while a 30 x 60 of unpolished porcelain costs around R$ 130 – R$ 148.


Natural Tiles: Natural tiles are made from flat stones like marble, slate, quartz, etc. These stones are specially carved into flat surfaces for flooring and wall designs.

The tiles tend to have an ‘earthy’ feel and color and are among the most expensive types of bathroom tiles on the market.

Slate, particularly, is often regarded as the best natural tile for a bathroom as its riven texture surface is non-slip. The others are excellent for achieving a stunning look as their surfaces can be polished to a high shine. You can find natural tiles in South Africa at prices ranging from R$ 204 – R$ 296.


Glass Tiles: Glass tiles are excellent for bathroom walls. They give a glossy and natural look, especially when combined with the humid atmosphere typically found in bathrooms. They are, however, not very comfortable for use on bathroom floors except when the surface is graded as non-slip. You can find glass tiles within the price range of R$ 444 – R$ 555 for a square meter.




Tips On Getting the Most Out of Your Bathroom Tiles

Make a small bathroom look larger: Bathrooms more often than not are the smallest rooms in any building. This often makes them stuffy. You can actually make a small bathroom look larger by placing tiles diagonally rather than horizontally. While this choice may be harder, it does create the illusion of larger space. Optionally, you can use smaller tiles to make the small bathroom look larger.


Make a large bathroom feel cozier: If you feel your bathroom is too large and not as cozy as you’d want it to be, you can easily create the illusion of ‘smallness’ by using larger tiles on the floor and wall. Larger tiles are also easier to install since they tend to fill a space faster.


How to Calculate the Number of Tiles Needed For Your Bathroom

Step 1

Measure the length and width of the bathroom. If you will also be tiling the walls of the bathroom, you should measure the height as well. Since each bathroom has four wall surfaces, you need to measure the length and height of two adjacent areas.


Step 2

Multiply the length of the bathroom floor by the width to get the square footage. Also, multiply the height of the adjacent wall by the length to get the square footage.


Step 3

Since the bathroom has four walls, you need to multiply each of the adjacent sides by two. Then add the square footage of the bathroom floor to the square footage of the adjacent sides of the wall. That will give you the total square footage of the bathroom.


Step 4

Divide the total square footage by the size of the tiles you’ll be going for. For instance, if you are going for a 30 x 30 porcelain tiles, then divide the total square footage by 30.

This will give you the number of tiles you need to cover the whole bathroom surface.


Step 5

Divide the number of total tiles gotten in step 4 by the number of tiles in a packet to get the number of tile packets you need to buy.

Most times you’ll need to buy about 20% more than the number you get. This is to allow for damages and cutting.


Where to Buy Bathroom Tiles In South Africa?

You can shop for tiles online in South Africa on various websites like Jumia,, OLX, etc. You can also buy bathroom tiles in any market close to you.


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