Baby Things

In 2024, the South African market for baby items is flourishing, offering a diverse range of products to meet the needs of parents and their little ones. From clothing and toys to feeding and nursery essentials, the options are vast and varied. This expanded and revised article provides an in-depth guide to the prices of baby things in South Africa, assisting parents in making informed decisions when shopping for their bundles of joy.

Baby Clothing

Baby clothing is a fundamental necessity for every newborn. In South Africa, the cost of baby clothing varies depending on the brand, quality, and the place of purchase. For instance, at Baby Depot, you can find a variety of baby clothing items, with prices spanning from affordable to high-end. When buying used baby clothing, it's crucial to check for stains, tears, missing buttons, and broken zippers.

Baby Furniture

Setting up a nursery requires several pieces of furniture, including a crib, changing table, and high chair. At Baby Depot, you can find a 7 in 1 Cot Combo for R7,999.00. When budgeting for baby furniture, it's important to consider which items are essential and which are extras that you may be able to do without.

Baby Care Items

Baby care items encompass products like diapers, baby baths, and feeding chairs. At Baby Depot, you can find a variety of these items, including a Mastela 3 in 1 Multifunction Bassinet for R1,299.00. Remember, when buying used baby items, certain items like car seats and cribs should be purchased new for safety reasons.

Baby Food

As your baby grows, their dietary needs will change. Baby-led weaning is a popular approach that encourages babies to self-feed solid foods instead of receiving purées via spoon. The cost of baby food will depend on the brand, type of food (organic, non-GMO, etc.), and where you purchase it from.

Baby Toys

Toys are essential for a baby's development and entertainment. The price of baby toys can vary greatly depending on the type of toy, brand, and where you purchase it from. Always ensure that the toys are safe for your baby's age group.

Travel Systems

Travel systems, which include items like strollers and car seats, are essential for transporting your baby. At Baby Depot, you can find a Belecoo Q3 3 in 1 Travel System for R3,099.00. At NOOLA, you can find the Luxe baby stroller, a blend of elegance and versatility.


In conclusion, the prices of baby things in South Africa in 2024 vary greatly depending on the item, brand, and where you purchase it from. Always remember to prioritize safety when purchasing baby items, especially when considering used goods. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions when shopping for your little one. Whether you're a new parent or an experienced one, understanding the market for baby items in South Africa can help you plan and budget effectively, ensuring the best for your child.

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