Armoured Cables Manufacturers in South Africa

As more South Africa communities get linked up to the National electricity grid, the demand for electrical installations is increasingly on the rise.

Usually, this means more electric cables would be needed for the transmission of electricity.

For electrical heavy lifting, armoured cables are mostly desired, especially in cases that may involve exposing electric cables to physical damage.

To put it succinctly, armoured cables are heavy lifting electric cables utilized in mains electricity transmission – especially in cases where the cables might be exposed to mechanical damage.

Armored cables provide unparalleled protection against mechanical damage without sacrificing flexibility and functionality.

They are protected against physical damages and are usually fortified with layers of protection made generally from impervious materials. Depending on the use case, the armour may be made from Kevlar, Steel or aluminum.

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Price of Armoured Cables in South Africa

While prices are majorly influenced by the high cost of production and sourcing of raw materials, unfavourable exchange rates could have devastating effects on the prevailing prices of armoured cables.

They are usually more expensive than the unarmored variants, and the prices depend greatly on the materials the “armor” is made of. For your reading delight, you may check out the comprehensive list of popular armoured cables brands and sizes as well as their prices in South Africa here.

Armoured Cables Manufacturers in South Africa

The South Africa cable industry is relatively old – some cable manufacturers in the country were established as early as the 1970s. This means local cable manufacturers have years of experience under their belt.

Nonetheless, more and more companies keep joining the league of cable manufacturers. Here are some of the most popular armoured cables manufacturers in the country:

  1. Vecan Cables and Wires Ltd
  2. Coleman Technical Industries Ltd
  3. Comet Star Manufacturing Company Ltd
  4. MicCom Cables and Wires Ltd
  5. Pure Chem Manufacturing Company Ltd
  6. Cutix South Africa PLC
  7. Northern Cables Processing and Manufacturing Company
  8. NigerChin Electrical Development Company

Things to Consider Before Buying Armoured Cables

Having known the manufacturers of armoured cables in South Africa, there are few things you should consider before buying one. Some of them include:

Quality and Durability

In this article, quality appears alongside durability because quality most often determines durability. An armoured cable may not be durable notwithstanding the armoury on it. Why is this? Simple. If the armour that the cable is suited in is not of standard quality, it will die in no time. Worst is when the cable purchased is to be installed in the ground. The quality concerns what the cable is made of here. Either a copper or aluminum-made cable, it must be 100%. Else, you will have to be replacing it often.


Armoured cables come with a warranty from their respective manufacturers. You should ask for a warranty slip, especially if you’re buying in bulk so that you can easily return a faulty one in case of breakage.

Be sure not to be at fault for any break in the cable. It will duly not be replaced for you if you are at fault.