Android Tv Box In South Africa & Prices

Android TV boxes are becoming hugely popular in South Africa as a cost-effective way to convert regular TVs into smart TVs. These set-top boxes run on the Android TV operating system, allowing users to install Android apps and access various streaming services like Netflix and Showmax.

The global cord-cutting phenomenon, where consumers are moving away from traditional pay TV services in favor of online streaming options, is also catching on locally. This is driving demand for Android TV boxes that offer a world of entertainment through the internet. Compared to purchasing new smart TVs, Android TV boxes provide better specs and more functionality at a fraction of the price.

What to Look for in an Android TV Box

While choosing an Android TV box in South Africa, some key specifications to consider are:


The CPU impacts overall performance and navigation smoothness. Look for boxes with quad-core CPUs like Amlogic S905X or Rockchip RK3318 for good performance. RAM between 2GB to 4GB is ideal – more RAM allows you to multitask and switch between apps without lag or crashes.

Storage Capacity

16GB to 32GB of internal storage is sufficient for installing your favorite apps and games. Support for external storage via USB is also useful for media playback.

Software and Apps

Android Pie 9.0 is the minimum OS version for access to all apps. Newer iterations like Android 10 have better performance. Many streaming apps require Android TV certification for compatibility – so verify this before purchase.


Most boxes today offer dual-band WiFiBluetooth, and wired ethernet connectivity. HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, optical audio ports allow you to connect modern TVs and audio systems.

Popular Android TV Box Models in South Africa

Below are some of the most popular Android TV boxes available in the South African market currently, grouped across budget, mid-range and premium price segments (all prices as of February 2024):

Budget Android TV Boxes (Under R1000)

Model Price Key Specs
Ematic Jetstream R899 Android 10, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage
Skyworth E20300 R749 Android 9.0, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage

The Ematic Jetstream runs the latest Android 10 OS for good app compatibility and is a very affordable option. The Skyworth E20300 has a robust metal body for better heat dissipation during intense gaming usage.

Mid-range Android TV Boxes (R1000 to R2000)

Model Price Key Specs
Xiaomi Mi Box S R1199 Android 8.1, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage
Nvidia Shield TV R1899 Android 9, 3GB RAM, 16GB storage

The popular Xiaomi Mi Box S supports 4K HDR content and has Netflix and Disney+ certification. The top-rated Nvidia Shield TV has the highest performance specifications in this segment, great for gaming and media playback.

Premium Android TV Boxes (Over R2000)

Model Price Key Specs
Skystream TWO R2199 Android 10, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage
Minix Neo T5 R2599 Android 10, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage

The Skystream TWO and Minix Neo T5 come with the latest internal hardware for flawless 4K streaming and gaming. These boxes also have advanced wireless connectivity through WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.

All these Android TV boxes allow you to install popular apps from the Google Play store like Netflix, Showmax, YouTube, Plex, Kodi etc. depending on your usage needs. Certain high-end models also support advanced media formats, external storage connectivity, gaming controllers etc.

Getting Set Up with Your Android TV Box

Once you have an Android TV box, getting it set up is quick and simple:

  • Connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and insert the power adapter to switch it on
  • The initial boot will guide you through the Android setup wizard to connect to your WiFi, Google account etc.
  • Head over to the Play Store to start installing streaming, social media and gaming apps
  • Log in to apps like Netflix and Showmax with your account credentials to access your favorite shows and movies
  • For local media playback, you can load content on USB drives and play them directly through compatible apps like MX Player, VLC etc.

Advanced users can further customize their Android TV experience by:

  • Sideloading apps like Steam Link for gaming
  • Using TV launchers like Wolf Launcher for a PC-style interface
  • Connecting external peripherals like gaming controllers, webcams etc.
  • Setting up remote media servers like Plex and Kodi for centralized media management


Android TV boxes offer an affordable route to upgrade your traditional TV into a smart entertainment hub. With the growing shift towards streaming services and online content in South Africa, these plug-and-play devices have become hugely sought after.

Local retailers like Takealot, Makro and Incredible Connection stock a range of Android TV boxes across budget and premium price brackets. So you can easily find one that fits your needs and budget for an enhanced viewing experience!

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