Alliance in Motion Global Price List

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Alliance in Motion Global is also referred to as AIM Global. This company is one of the largest Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platforms in the world. Today, it has more than 5 million distributors all over the world including South Africa.

The company was established upon the principle of using its remarkable products to change lives. As such, it has a proven compensation plan as well as several charitable programs, and a very stable business model. How much do products from AIM Global cost? What is the cost of joining AIM Global as a distributor? We will answer these questions in this post. Let’s begin.

Alliance in Motion Global Price List

Alliance in Motion Global Price List

It is no secret that the global market has faced several challenges of late. Regardless, Alliance in Motion Global has thrived because of its ability to adapt to new technologies and the improvement of its infrastructure. There are several AIM Global products on the market so finding out their prices is quite difficult. We have done the homework on your behalf and we will show you some of the popular AIM Global products and their prices in the list below:

  • Alliance in Motion Global Burn Slim (30 tablets in one box): ZAR$223 – ZAR$278
  • Alliance in Motion Global Health Ener-Chi Diffuser Anti-Radiation for Phones, Computer, Laptop, TVs, and Electronics: ZAR$219 – ZAR$256
  • Alliance in Motion Global C2467: ZAR$408 – ZAR$445
  • Alliance in Motion Global Careleaf Thermal Patch (8 patches): ZAR$112 – ZAR$149
  • Alliance in Motion Global Powerful Longevity Formula Restor Lyf: ZAR$389 – ZAR$445
  • Alliance in Motion Global C24/7 Natura-ceuticals: ZAR$408 – ZAR$463
  • Alliance in Motion Global Liven Coffee Cappuccino: ZAR$137 – ZAR$186
  • Alliance in Motion Global C247 Natura-ceuticals (2 packs): ZAR$260 – ZAR$297
  • Alliance in Motion Global My Choco Alkaline Chocolate Drink: ZAR$130 –ZAR$167
  • Alliance in Motion Global Liven Alkaline Coffee Cappuccino: ZAR$156 – ZAR$197
  • Alliance in Motion Global Restorelyf Dietary Supplement (30 vcaps): ZAR$371 – ZAR$445
  • Alliance in Motion Global My Choco Chocolate Drink: ZAR$112 – ZAR$137
  • Alliance in Motion Global C247 Natura-ceuticals (10 vcaps): ZAR$112 – ZAR$149
  • Alliance in Motion Global Vida Max: ZAR$528 – ZAR$574
  • Alliance in Motion Global Complete Phyto Energizer: ZAR$345 – ZAR$378
  • Alliance in Motion Global Ener-chi Pendant Necklace with Two 247 I-protect packets (Black): ZAR$1,204 – ZAR$1,278
  • Alliance in Motion Global C247 Aging/Cancer Detoxification Cellular Protection: ZAR$219 – ZAR$260
  • Alliance in Motion Global Phyto Energizer Dietary Supplement (Pack of 3): ZAR$217 – ZAR$241
  • Alliance in Motion Global Liven Alkaline Coffee Sugar-Free (20 sachets): ZAR$134 – ZAR$167
  • Alliance in Motion Global Mychoco Alkaline Chocolate Drink for Kids and Adults: ZAR$204 – ZAR$963
  • Alliance in Motion Global C247 Cholenduz and Restorlyf (3 superfoods for diabetes): ZAR$667 – ZAR$852
  • Alliance in Motion Global Careleaf Thermal Relief Patch (8 patches): ZAR$56 – ZAR$112
  • Alliance in Motion Global Restorlyf Dietary Supplement (Bumper pack): ZAR$389 – ZAR$426
  • Alliance in Motion Global Cholenduz Omega Supreme: ZAR$149 – ZAR$186
  • Alliance in Motion Global Kiddi 247 Nutra-gummies: ZAR$330 – ZAR$371
  • Alliance in Motion Global Ener-chi Pendant (Gold) Protection against Free Radicals: ZAR$526 – ZAR$1,835
  • Alliance in Motion Global Naturacentials Herbal Toothpaste: ZAR$130 – ZAR$389
  • Alliance in Motion Global Natural Anti-virus and Anti-bacterial Female Wash: ZAR$1,851 – ZAR$2,036

Note that the prices of these products are subject to change depending on several factors. Some of these factors include your location, the vendor you choose, company policies, and government policies. We will update this post once we notice any price changes with any of the products. Meanwhile, you can purchase these products from any of the Alliance in Motion Global distributors around you. Also, you can consider placing an order via any of the online stores like Jumia and Konga.

About Alliance in Motion Global

Before we discuss how you can become a member of Alliance in Motion Global, we want to first tell you about the company. How and when did Alliance in Motion Global? Who established this company, what are their vision and mission statements?

Alliance in Motion Global Incorporated is an MLM company that was first established in the Philippines. The company was founded on March 16, 2006, by four individuals regarded to be the most successful network marketers in the whole of the Philippines. Their names are Mr John Asperin, Engineer Francis Miguel, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, and Dr Eduardo Cabantog.

Alliance in Motion Global seeks to be the number one distribution company for top-quality health and wellness products all over the world. The desire is that they would not just help people lead healthy lives but help them earn more through an efficient hybrid marketing plan.

Below is the mission statement of AIM Global:

  • To empower the world.
  • To create worth and make a distinction.
  • To encourage optimism, happiness, and confidence.

Alliance in Motion Global splits its vision statement into the following:

  • Distributors: To ensure that distributors have a great working environment so that they are highly inspired.
  • Products: Provide the world with a large portfolio of revolutionary products to satisfy the health needs and desires of people.
  • Partners: Nurture a large network of winning distributors and customers that will create long-term value together.
  • Efficiency: To be a dynamic and highly exciting organization that is flexible enough to furnish the market’s desires and trends.

How to Become an AIM Global Partner

Do you know that you can become an Alliance in Motion Global partner in South Africa? The process is pretty simple and would take a few steps. We will explain the steps below:

Step 1: Choose the right AIM Global team. There are several teams out there so you should choose one that suits your interests.

Step 2: Choose a package and pay for it. Again, there are several packages and we have listed them below:

  • 1 Global Package: ZAR$2,592
  • 3 Global Package: ZAR$7,774
  • 7 Global Package: ZAR$18,138

Step 3: Await confirmation of your payment.

Step 4: Visit the Alliance in Motion Global South Africa office and pick up your products. You will receive the following:

  • AIM Global products
  • Business kit along with DVD presentation
  • Product lifetime discount (25% to 50%)
  • Distributor Tracking Center (DTC)
  • Free training and seminar

Step 5: Attend the business orientation or seminar.

Step 6: Begin your AIM Global business.