3D Tv Prices In South Africa

Have you even been in a situation where you are seeing a movie or a football match and just feel like being inside the TV or wishing you can see the actions from every possible view beyond the regular two dimensions? 3D TVs make that possible for you to be in your room and feel like you are inside the movie or the football pitch; well, almost possible at least.

The evolution of televisions has been inspiring. Technology has so much advanced so much that nothing seems to be unrealistic and impossible in this present time. Away from regular LED, LCD and Plasmas, the introduction of 3D TVs has wowed the gadget market worldwide.

3D TV Prices in South Africa

It is not just about the amazing view this kind of TV offers, the overall functionality and responsiveness has been appreciated in the market. 3D (Three –Dimensional) is a special format of motion picture that allows viewers see images in 3-D. It provides an illusion of depth to the programs being watched. The TVs are high-tech and guarantee better view and rounded viewing experience.

3D TVs are beginning to move the market in South Africa. You don’t even need up to five minutes viewing your favorite program to fall in love with the TV. When it comes to picture quality, 3D TVs are on top. They are sleeker and offer more in terms of motion picture than most other types of TV. The beautiful thing is that 3D TVs also come in different sizes, shapes, designs and screen type. They are user friendly and boast of nice features that only place them among the best TV types available.

Do you want to know how much 3D TVs go for in the current market? This post is for you. Here, we will take a look at prices of various 3D TVs available in South Africa today.

Prices of 3D TVs in South Africa

In terms of picture quality and viewing experience, as it stands, 3D TVs rule the market. Although they have a market that is widely appreciated, they are not among the most sought after, largely because of how much they go for in the market. With their picture quality and other additional features though, 3D TVs offer you absolute value for your money.

3D TVs are readily available in South Africa. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. For convenience, they are also available for purchase in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers. Just like other types of TV, 3D TVs vary in inches, designs and types. These factors are among the main reasons for variation in prices. Generally, the larger the inch, the more expensive the TV would be. Also, prices of 3D TVs depend on the brand. Some brands are expensive while some others are quite cheap.

Let us take a look at prices of the most popular 3D TVs in South Africa today.

Samsung 3D TV Prices in South Africa

  • 32 inches 3D LED TV: R$3,600 – R$4,320
  • 48 inches curved 3D TV: R$14,040 – R$16,200
  • 55 inches flat 3D TV: R$10,800 – R$13,320
  • 65 inches Ultra HD 3D TV: R$27,000 – R$44, 000
  • 65 inches QLED TV: R$83, 000 – R$98, 000
  • 75 inches Ultra HD Smart TV: R$54, 000 – R$72, 000
  • 78 inches curved SUHD: R$144, 000 – R$162, 000
  • 82 inches Ultra HD TV: R$98, 000 – R$119, 000
  • 85 inches Ultra HD TV: R$137, 000 – R$144, 000

Sony 3D TV Prices in South Africa

  • 43 inches 3D TV: R$11,520 – R$12,600
  • 50 inches smart internet-enabled 3D TV: R$23,400 – R$25,200
  • 50 inches LED 3D TV: R$16,200 – R$19,800
  • Bravias 55 inches 3D TV: R$25,200 – R$28,800
  • 65 inches smart 3D TV: R$36, 000 – R$54, 000

Hisense 3D TV Prices in South Africa

  • 75 inches UHD smart 3D TV: R$36, 000 – R$54, 000
  • 84 inches UHD smart 3D TV: R$90, 000 – R$126, 000

LG 3D TV Prices in South Africa

  • 48 inches curved 3D TV: R$14,400 – R$18,000
  • 55 inches full HD 3D TV: R$18,000 – R$21,600
  • 55 inches OLED 3DTV (Curved): R$36, 000 – R$54, 000
  • 60 inches Ultra HD TV: R$12,600 – R$18,000
  • 77 inches Signature 3D (Ultra HD): R$324, 000 – R$342, 000
  • 86 inches Ultra HD 3D TV: R$180, 000 – R$198, 000
  • 98 inches Ultra HD 3D TV: R$324, 000 – R$353, 000

Prices of TVs vary. Although they have been quite stable over the past few years, there are still variations in prices as a result of certain factors. For instance, TVs cost more during festive periods and they also vary in prices from place to place. A TV that costs R$16,200 in Pretoria might cost far less in some other parts of the country.

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