2021 Toyota Double Cab Prices in South Africa

Are you in the market for a brand new double cab bakkie? Look no further than the 2021 Toyota Double Cab models. Toyota is known for their high-quality vehicles, and their double cabs are no exception. Let’s take a closer look at the prices of these pickups in South Africa.

Choosing the Right Model

Before we dive into pricing details, it’s worth considering which model will best suit your needs. The following are some of Toyota’s popular options when it comes to their 2021 double cab bakkies:

Hilux Double Cab

  • Perfect if you’re looking for versatility and durability
  • Has both petrol and diesel engine options available
  • Comes with many advanced features such as touchscreen audio display and wireless smartphone charger
  • Available in various trims including Raider, Legend, SRX High Rider, and Dakar

Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab

  • Ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts who want luxury
  • Powered by a V8 turbodiesel engine that can handle tough terrains
  • Equipped with luxurious features like air conditioning and an infotainment system
  • Available in Standard or VX trim levels

Land Cruiser Prado GX-R V6 AT

  • Best suited if you’re looking for family-friendly car
  • Equipped with advanced safety features such as pre-collision warning system
  • Features include access to Google maps via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay
  • Comes standard with leather steering wheel

Pricing Details

Now onto what you really came here for: pricing! Keep in mind that these prices may vary based on location within South Africa:

Hilux Double Cab Pricing

The price range of the Hilux double cab starts at R484,000 up to R850,100 depending on the trim level chosen.

Raider Trim (R549K – R605K)

  • 2.4 GD-6 (MT)
  • 2.8 GD-6 RB Raider (AT)
  • 2.8 GD-6 RB-Pick-Up Raider(AT)

Legend Trim (R686,600 – R804,400)

  • New powertrain comprising a new-generation turbo-diesel engine
  • Bi-beam LED headlamps
  • Audio display system

#### SRX High Rider Trim
– Comes with standard safety features such as ABS and airbags
– Can tow up to 3200 kg
– Leather seats

#### Dakar Trim
– Designed specifically for South Africa with the name derived from the annual Dakar rally that takes place in Peru.
– Comes loaded with black finishes on wheels along with various other styling enhancements
– Built-in Satellite Navigation comes standard

Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab Pricing

The Land Cruiser 79 is starting at R951,000

Standard trim

Comes equipped with basic safety feature and front bench seat

VX trim level

Comes loaded with extra features such as air conditioning and advanced infotainment system featuring touchscreen display

Land Cruiser Prado GX-R V6 AT Pricing

Starting price of this model is R1,020,200.

Which Model Is Right for You?

Ultimately, when it comes down to which double cab bakkie to choose from Toyota’s lineup for you depends on what exactly you’re looking out for. Do you want off-road performance? A family-friendly interior? Or maybe an adventurous look?

Whatever your needs are‚ Toyota has got you covered! With their incredibly versatile range of double cabs‚ there’s something that will suit both your budget and lifestyle.

So why delay any further? Visit one of Toyota’s authorized dealerships today or book a test drive online now.

In conclusion,South Africans who are searching for high-quality double cab bakkies should consider Toyota’s 2021 Double Cab lineup. With an array of models to choose from and versatile pricing options, there is something for everyone’s needs and lifestyle. By following this ultimate guide on the prices of these pickups in South Africa, you’ll be well-equipped to make your own informed decision when it comes to selecting a double cab bakkie that suits all your needs.

Product Price
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Sure, here are three popular FAQs along with their answers for 2021 Toyota Double Cab Prices in South Africa:

Q: What is the starting price of the 2021 Toyota double cab in South Africa?
A: The starting price of the 2021 Toyota double cab varies based on the model and trim level. However, as of August 2021, the base model Hilux Double Cab starts at around R402,800 while the top-of-the-line Legend RS variant can go up to R850,400.

Q: Does the price include VAT when buying a 2021 Toyota double cab?
A: Yes, all prices quoted include VAT (Value Added Tax) when purchasing a new or used Toyota double cab in South Africa.

Q: Can I negotiate the price of a new or used 2021 Toyota double cab with dealerships?
A: While some dealerships may be willing to negotiate prices on new or used vehicles including Toyota Double Cabs, it’s important to note that these prices are generally set by manufacturers and there may not always be much room for negotiation. However, you could try negotiating other terms such as financing options or trade-in offers if they are available. It’s also advisable to do your own research beforehand so that you have an idea of what competitive prices are in your area before engaging dealerships for negotiations.